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Crafting Memories

The essence of our spirits springs from Mount Hope Estate’s rich 200-year history. Spirits Distilling Co. will resurrect your love for mindfully hand-crafted small batch spirits while paying homage to iconic stories imbedding in Mount Hope’s soul. Spirits Distilling Co. wants to be a part of Crafting Memories with you!

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Join Us in Making History

Official spirits of the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery, home of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Spirits Distilling Co. produces hand-crafted spirits for a the Estate’s year-round events. Visitors to the Estate can enjoy a variety of cocktails crafted from Spirits Distilling Co. products and enjoy guided tastings to discover
the products crafted with the philosophy to:
Live Free, Dine Well, Drink in the Spirit!

Spirits of Mount Hope Estate

The history of Mount Hope Estate endures through the energy, enthusiasm, and determination of both the living and the departed. Spirits Distilling Company has awakened the soul of the Estate’s rich past and through creativity and craftsmanship will carry on the call to Live Free, Dine Well and Drink in the Spirit! Please check back frequently, as Spirits Distilling Company, LLC is always striving to produce new flavors and often features limited release batches! All items subject to availability and change.

Please Note: Spirits Distilling Co. products are only available for purchase by the bottle at the Manheim, PA location or online.

Anejo Tequila Icon

Añejo Tequila

40% ABV | 80 Proof

Aged two years. Just like El Bravucón himself, the aging process has created a smooth spirit. Perfect spirit for sipping, or to create seductive cocktails.

Tequila Icon

Blanco Tequila

40% ABV | 80 Proof

Naturally crisp, with hints of citrus. A best friend to salt and lime, and the perfect beginning to an Adios Pantalones.

Socialite Gin

40% ABV | 80 Proof

A prohibitionary recipe from Daisy Grubb’s secret stills that pays tribute to her wonderful parties. Spicy, and complex with exotic spices.

Socialite Vodka Icon

Socialite Vodka

40% ABV | 80 Proof

Made from 100% Wheat and distilled six times. The vodka impacted by the blending of exceptional water of Mount Hope’s artesian wells.

Cask Whiskey

62.5% ABV | 125 Proof

A good balance of sharp spices, honey and sweetness accompanies the aromas of vanilla, caramel and oak from the barrel to your palate. 
Straight Bourbon Icon

Aged Bourbon Whiskey

40% ABV | 80 Proof

Aged two years. The essence of this bourbon whiskey forges forward with every sip. Enjoy the tastes of oak, spice and vanilla.
Peach Whiskey Icon

Peach Whiskey

35% ABV | 70 Proof

A sip of this flavorful whiskey will transport your taste buds to the memory of fresh peaches that once grew in the Estate orchards.

Bourbon Whiskey Icon

Bourbon Whiskey

35% ABV | 70 Proof

Accelerated aged six months. With bright flavors of oak, spice and vanilla. Made with 70% Corn, 25% Wheat and 5% Barley.
White Rum Icon

White Rum

40% ABV | 80 Proof

A ghostly hint of cinnamon and anisette creates a well-rounded white rum with sweetness and a quality to warm the soul.

Spiced Rum Icon

Spiced Rum

35% ABV | 70 Proof

Captain Rude’s signature style. Weigh anchor to distant ports as the aromas of vanilla and citrus parley with the flavors of toffee and nutmeg. 

Coconut Rum

35% ABV | 70 Proof

The creamy richness of coconut and full-flavored white rum collide to create this deserted island dream. 

Coconut Rum Cream Icon

Coconut Rum Cream

17% ABV | 34 Proof

Swirling tastes of cream, coconut and full-flavored white rum blend into a smooth luxurious taste. Close your eyes and be transported to the isles.

Chocolate Rum Cream

17% ABV | 34 Proof

The flavors of rich chocolate and silken cream blend with full flavored white rum to create a decadent experience. 
Mocha Rum Cream Icon

Mocha Rum Cream

17% ABV | 34 Proof

Blending delectable flavors of coffee, chocolate and white rum into a creamy, silken taste experience. Take moment, take a sip and to enjoy the bliss.
lemon soda icon

Lemon seltzer

5% ABV | 10 Proof

No password needed for access to the bright, citrus flavor of this hard lemon seltzer. A touch of sweetness sends the taste buds to memories of childhood lemonade stands.

blueberry seltzer icon

Blueberry SEltzer

5% ABV | 10 Proof

Unlock the tastes and smells of the freshness of a summer’s day market stand as the sweet and slightly tangy flavor of blueberries dance their way across the  tongue.

Saucy Apple Icon

Saucy Apple

20% ABV | 40 Proof

Made from 100% Wheat Spirits with fresh pressed Lancaster County Apple Cider and a touch of brown sugar. Best served chilled.

Saucy PEar

20% ABV | 40 Proof

Made from the juice of ripe, pressed pears, 100% Wheat Spirits and a pinch of brown sugar. A delightfully fruity experience. Best served chilled.

Saucy Blueberry Icon

Saucy Blueberry

20% ABV | 40 Proof

Made from the juice of ripe, pressed blueberries, 100% Wheat Spirits and a pinch of brown sugar. Best served chilled.

Peppermint Schnapps Icon

Peppermint Schnapps

50% ABV | 100 Proof

As refreshing as a sparkling snowy journey, this sleighride will leave you with a blast of peppermint coolness, while warming you from the inside.

Traditional Eggnog

15% ABV | 30 Proof

Raise a cup and toast the spirits of Christmases Past, Present and Future. An annual favorite at the Mount Hope Estate Holiday Shows!

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