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We are celebrating several wins from the PA State Beer Awards at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Swashbuckler Brewing Company earned a Best In Show and First Place win in the Light Lager category for Otra Mas Mexican Lager! SBC also received a First Place win for our Hefeweizen.

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Swashbuckler Brewing Company and nearby Taproom & Grille does not have regular visiting hours. Please see our sales associates in the Mount Hope Wine Shop during their regular business hours Wed-Sun, 11AM-5PM.

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Official Beer of the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery, home of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, the Swashbuckler Brewing Company produces hand-crafted ales and lagers. In 2013, Swashbuckler Brewing Company answered the demand for increasing supply with a larger touring and production facility with output of 4500 barrels annually, while remaining true to its pains-taking processing of hand-crafting beers using the highest quality ingredients.
Live Free, Dine Well, Drink Good Ale!

Swashbuckler Brewing Company Beers

In 2000, the Swashbuckler Brewing Company made its home in the building now known as the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern on the grounds of the Pennsylvani Renaissance Faire, supplying beer to a one tap system at the Wharf with a capacity of 364 barrels for the Faire season. By 2010, production had increased to 1200 barrels, prompting the new SBC Brewsmith Brewery to open in 2013. With the introduction and distribution of Lancaster County Cider, Swashbuckler’s Faire-season production of beer and cider has topped 1800 barrels, all the while remaining true to processes of hand-crafting beers using the highest quality ingredients. Please check back frequently, as Swashbuckler Brewing Company is always striving to produce new flavors and often features limited release batches! Select items below may be unavailable.

Belgian Blonde Icon

Beguiling Blonde

Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

This Belgian-style blonde summons you to its easy-drinking, medium body, low malt aroma and spicy, fruity characters derived from Belgian yeast and a kiss of coriander. With a slight sweetness, it is not as bitter or strong as Belgian-style Tripels or Golden Strong Ales. *Distilled Into Beguiling Blonde Whiskey

8.0% ABV | 15 IBU’s

Dunkel Icon

Duke of Dunkel

German-Style Wheat Ale

Brewed with 40% wheat malt, 45% 2-row malted barley, and the other 15% of the grain bill are dark specialty malts giving the beer a deep brown color and slightly malty character. Unfiltered, with hints of banana and clove. 2019 Great American Beer Festival Silver Winner in German-Style Wheat Category

5.0% ABV | 12 IBU’s

Fireside Rye

Fireside Rye

Smoked Rye Porter

Subtle hints of toasted caramel and beech smoked malts help accentuate this dark brown, full bodied Rye Porter. A slightly sweet creaminess, mild hop character, and a thick brown head help to round out the beer. A perfect compliment to enjoy on a cool winter night next to a roaring fire. *Distilled Into Fireside Rye Whiskey

7.25% ABV | 25 IBU’s


Four Sheets Quad

Belgian-Style Ale

The power of this dark ale will catch your sails and launch you into a storm of sweet, dark fruits and mildly toasted caramel malts. The traditional Belgian yeast used for fermentation creates a full flavored beer finishing the journey with a slightly spicy hop character and smooth burn that might leave you swaying in the wind

10.5% ABV | 30 IBU’s


Harvest Haze


This collaboration beer brewed by Swashbuckler Brewing Co. and Mad Chef Brewing is formulated with a unique twist as a “hazy” style, and has a creamy golden color, low bitterness, and excellent mouthfeel. We truly enjoyed brewing this beer with our friends, and hope you can enjoy drinking it with yours!

6.3% ABV | 25 IBU’s



German-Style Ale

This traditional south German-style wheat beer is brewed with a special strain of yeast that gives this ale its kick. Unfiltered, with hints of banana and clove, and just a touch of German noble hops for a slightly spicy hop character. A Refreshing Swashbuckler Brewing Co. Favorite! 2019 & 2022 PA Farm Show Gold Winner

5% ABV | 12 IBU’s

Holly Jolly Roger Icon

Holly Jolly Roger


This big, strong, full-bodied ale has a malty sweet character with a nicely warming alcohol finish. Hints of toasted caramel and a very soft mouthfeel, along with the soft piney, resinous flavor from the use of locally harvested spruce tips, make this the perfect compliment to the cooler holiday season.

8.5% ABV | 45 IBU’s

Juicy Jester Icon

Juicy Jester

New England-Style IPA

Brimming with haze, flavor, and aroma from the use of Jester hops as the only variety used in the kettle and whirlpool for bitterness and aroma. A small amount of Citra along with more Jester in the fermenter for dry-hopping adds a ton of tropical citrus notes to this full bodied, full flavored IPA.

6.75% ABV | 41 IBU’s


Juicy Jewels

New England-Style IPA

Brewed using Hallertau Blanc and Azacca hops creating fruity notes of ripe papaya and mango to give this IPA a very nice tropical “Juicy” character. White Wheat malt and 2-Row Barley keep the malt undertones clean and fresh with an excellent smooth body, helping to keep the focus on the hops.

6% ABV | 20 IBU’s

Juicy Jouster Icon

Juicy Jouster

New England-Style IPA

Exploding with mouthwatering, thirst quenching, tropical, citrus flavored deliciousness provided by Citra and Idaho 7 hops. A moderate amount of caramel malts helps in the sweet character of the beer and gives it a nice light amber hue. Smack you in the face aroma helps to intensify the “juicy haze craze”.

6.3% ABV | 17 IBU’s

Juicy Mandarin Icon

Juicy Mandarin

New England-Style IPA

This full bodied, full flavored New England style IPA is brimming with haze, flavor and aroma from the use of Mandarina Bavaria hops. Bold tropical citrus notes compliment a caramel sweetness.

6.7% ABV | 30 IBU’s

Blackwater Stout Icon

Blackwater Stout

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with several dark roasted malts, chocolate malt, and various caramel malts to give it a deep, dark color and robust flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate. The addition of flaked oats gives this dry stout a velvety, smooth body as well as a slight sweetness. 2019 PA Farm Show Silver Winner

4.7% ABV | 25 IBU’s

Mocha Porter Icon


Mocha Porter

Subtle hints of decadently rich dark chocolate and robust coffee accentuate this dark, full-bodied ale. With just a touch of sweetness, this beer finishes velvety smooth having just enough hop character to balance the mayhem of flavors.

    5.5% ABV | 27 IBU’s

    Imperial Stout Icon

    Neptune’s Imperial

    Oatmeal Stout

    From the dark depths of icy cold water, the Sea God brings forth a black, full bodied, full flavored, huge stout brimming with dark roasted and caramel malt flavors. A creamy-smooth mouthfeel and firm bitterness add to the overall chasm of complexities within this bottle. *Distilled Into Neptune’s Imperial Whiskey

    9.5% ABV | 47 IBU’S



    German-Style Lager

    Amber in color, with fragrant notes of deep-toasted malt, and is exceptionally smooth due to the “cold” fermentation process. This medium-bodied, traditional lager is the perfect beer for celebrating the changing of the seasons as we move from summer into fall. PROST! 2019 PA Farm Show Gold Winner

    4.2% ABV | 25 IBU’s

    Otra Mas Icon

    Otra Mas

    Mexican-Style Lager

    An exceptionally smooth, easy body with a slight sweetness. Following the standards of this style, it has a pale yellow color, with a touch of bitterness and classic spicy aroma. The perfect refreshment, this beer finishes super clean and will make you reach for “Otra Mas”. 2022 PA Farm Show Best in Show

    4.0% ABV | 10 IBU’S

    otra mas negra icon

    Otra Mas Negra

    Mexican-Style Lager

    This dark version of our Mexican style lager utilizes toasted specialty malts to achieve a deep, amber color, and smooth, sweet, caramel flavor with hints of English toffee. A mild hop flavor and aroma help balance this refreshingly drinkable lager. This darker version of a fan favorite will once again make you ask for “Otra Mas Negra.”

    4% ABV | 8 IBU’S

    Pirate Pale Ale Icon


    Pale Ale

    This pale session ale was brewed with the intention of creating a crisp, refreshing pale ale that has a good amount of hop flavor and aroma without too much of the harsh bitterness of some other “hoppy” ales. A special experimental variety of hops gives this ale a wonderful tropical fruit character with a hint of coconut.

    4.4% ABV | 24 IBU’S



    American-Style IPA

    You want hoppy? This is your beer! Generous amounts of domestically grown hops are used in four separate hop additions, including a dry hop addition, to create this American Style India Pale Ale. Some specialty malts used for brewing, keeps things in balance with a nice, slightly sweet malt backbone.

    5.7% ABV | 50 IBU’S


    Red Beard’s

    Irish-Style Red

    This full-bodied and malty ale is brewed with numerous specialty including 25% malts from the UK, to give it a caramel sweetness with a hint of light toast. The beer is lightly hopped for balance with a mild bitterness and just a touch of aroma. This is the perfect balanced beer to enjoy with good friends and good cheer!

    5.4% ABV | 20 IBU’S


    Silent Surrender

    Belgian-Style Tripel

    This golden hued strong Belgian ale is unfiltered leaving the yeast in suspension which gives the beer a hazy appearance and a mildly spicy and phenolic flavor profile with subtle hints of clove, banana, and bubble gum. This ale goes down very smoothly and has a creamy body with a slightly sweet but still dry finish.

    10% ABV | 37 IBU’S

    Gold Icon

    Swashbuckler Gold

    Kolsch-Style Ale

    This brilliant straw colored Kolsch-style ale has a lighter body with a slightly dry finish. A colder fermentation temperature than standard ale gives this refreshing beer a crisp and clean flavor profile and is often mistaken for a lager style. Just enough noble hops are used for a delicate hop flavor and aroma.

    4.5% ABV | 21 IBU’S

    Wicked Wail Icon

    Wicked Wail

    New England Pale Ale

    This Wheat Ale which we brewed in the “Northeast IPA” style contains about has a very low hop bitterness but an abundance of hop flavor and aroma often referred to as “juicy” hop character. Unfiltered, giving it a very hazy appearance. No mortal crewman can resist the lure of the siren’s Wicked Wail!

    5.5% ABV | 14 IBU’S

    Rumspringa Brewing Company Steil Gehen Label Icon

    Steil Gehen

    German-Style Pilsner

    Our Helles is a deep golden color, produced from the lightly roasted caramel malts used during the brewing process. This is a malt forward beer with refreshing hints of hop on the nose and finish. Very refreshing, with a hint of sweetness, making it an easy drinking lager, perfect for a spring day.

    7% ABV | 24 IBU’s

    Yard Arm Lager Icon

    Yard Arm

    German-Style Pilsner

    One, twice, three times of more – This clean, crisp and refreshing lager has a smooth mouthfeel and just the slightest hint of spicy Saaz hops to balance out the bready malt flavor. This straw colored lager is a perfect pairing for lighter foods such as chicken, fish or salads. You’ll be beggin’ to be Yard Armed one more time!

    4.8% ABV | 37 IBU’s

    Guild & Association Memberships

    Swashbuckler Brewing Co. is proud to be a part of several guilds and associations in Pennsylvania.

    Brewer's Association Logo

    Craft Brewers Association

    Swashbuckler Brewing Co. is proud to be a part of the Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. The Brewers Association is an organization of brewers, for brewers and by brewers. More than 4,100 US brewery members and 46,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association are joined by members of the allied trade, beer distributors, individuals, other associate members and the Brewers Association staff to make up the Brewers Association. Learn more at BrewersAssociation.org.

    Lancaster Guild Logo

    Lancaster County Brewers Guild

    Lancaster has a rich tradition of brewing beer, dating back to 1700’s. We aim to keep that tradition and culture going for years to come. The Lancaster County Brewers Guild was founded in the Spring of 2021 to establish a formal environment for an already existing and rapidly growing network of brewers and industry peers in Lancaster. By creating an organized venue for ongoing communication, collaboration and networking, we aim to cultivate an even greater level of support for one another. Learn more at LancasterBreweries.org

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