Irish Red Growler


64oz Growler of freshly brewed Irish Red

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Keep your growler insulated and protected with a growler suit! Zips fully, up to the cap of your growler, and includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Designs vary.


64oz Growler of Irish Red
*Includes Growler – Growler Logo Varies
*This item is not available for shipping and can only be picked-up at the Mount Hope Wine Shop.

This Irish-style Red pays homage to the UK Ales of yore. This full-bodied and malty ale is brewed with numerous specialty including 25% malts from the UK, to give it a caramel sweetness with a hint of light toast. The beer is lightly hopped for balance with a mild bitterness and just a touch of aroma. This is the perfect balanced beer to enjoy with good friends and good cheer!

  • ABV: 5.4%
  • IBU: 20