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Live Free. Dine Well. Drink Real Cider.

Lancaster County Cider prides itself on creating real hard cider with locally grown ingredients.

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Lancaster County Cider can be purchased at any Mount Hope Wine Shop location. To view each locations regular business hours, please visit the MountHope.Estate Homepage.

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Join Us in Making History

Official Cider of the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery, home of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Lancaster County Cider produces hand-crafted hard ciders for a the Estate’s year-round events. Visitors to the Estate can enjoy a variety of styles and enjoy guided tastings to discover the products crafted with the philosophy to:
Live Free, Dine Well, Drink Real Cider!

Lancaster County Cider Varities

An apple’s journey from the tree to your glass is a short one in a Lancaster County Cider. Only cider apples from the richest farmlands in the world find their way into our products. Our cider makers are serious about hard cider. Whether you’re drinking our dry, traditional, sweet or specialty, you’ll know it’s real hard apple cider, not fillers. Lancaster County Cider proudly upholds the traditions, creativity and craftsmanship of the area where we live and work. Come to the County. Open a bottle of Lancaster County Cider and Live free, Dine Well and Drink Real Cider. Please check back frequently, as Lancaster County Cider is always striving to produce new flavors and often features limited release batches! Select items below may be unavailable.


Blood Orange

Specialty Variety

A unique blend of mouthwatering blood orange and locally grown apples that creates a light and refreshing flavor profile, with a crisp tartness and zesty citrus twist.

5% ABV



Core Variety

The clean, crisp flavor of apples intertwines with refreshing blueberries to create a smooth and balanced hard cider with a lasting fruity finish. A subtle sweetness and tangy notes make it perfect for any cider drinker. 

5% ABV

Dry Cider Icon


Specialty Variety

The crisp dryness is balanced with a gentle, natural sweetness that creates a smooth mouthfeel and rich, elegant flavor. Food-friendly, this cider contains just enough character to complement, not compete, with your meals.

5% ABV


Frosted Cranberry

Seasonal Variety

The perfect holiday treat that keep you warm during the chilly winter months! The tart cranberries compliment the natural flavor of apples and the sweetness of butter cream to create a sweet flavor that will make your taste buds tingle.

5% ABV


Mango Habanero

Specialty Variety

Crisp apples, mellow mangos and earthy habanero peppers create a unique, rich flavor with tingly heat that doesn’t overpower. Pours a straw-gold color with a unique, tropical aroma.

5% ABV

Peach Vanilla Icon

Peach VAnilla

Seasonal Variety

Lancaster County Cider blends thirst-quenching apple with sweet peach and vanilla, creating an unexpected fresh fruity flavor. This delicious and unique hard cider is a perfect summer refresher!

5% ABV



Specialty Variety

A unique blend of mouthwatering pineapple and locally grown apples that creates a tropical and fruity flavor profile.

5% ABV



Seasonal Variety

Delicious Spiced Apple Wine, Pumpkin Wine and Hard Cider unite with cinnamon, nutmeg, a bit of pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, and fresh pumpkin puree to create this new seasonal treat!

5% ABV

Raspberry Cider


Specialty Variety

This light and refreshing cider had a delicate and refreshing aroma with a fresh sweet raspberry finish.

5% ABV


Salted Caramel

Seasonal Variety

A seasonal blend of spices, real caramel, and local apples combines to create a delicious variety that pays tribute to one of our favorite autumn sweets—It’s a caramel apple, without the gooey mess!

5% ABV



Core Variety

This light and refreshing cider had a delicate and refreshing aroma with a fresh sweet raspberry finish. 2022 PA Farm Show Silver Medal

5% ABV



Specialty Variety

Part of the Lancaster County Cider Makers’ Handpicked Series. The use of lager yeast gives this dry Belgian-Style cider a hazy appearance and spicy, citrus flavors.

8% ABV

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